Temperature Stability

Interior forced ventilation ensures minimum temperature variations and adequate humidity for the preservation of medicines and their packaging.


  • Uniform cooling.
  • Quick recovery after door opening
  • Better internal humidity control.

We have our own laboratory with a climatic chamber, dedicated exclusively to test our equipment

Estabilidad de temperatura rendimiento acreditado
Rendimiento acreditado

Homogeneity of temperature inside

Infrico medcare test its equipment in different climate conditions and performs a mapping of temperatures in the air and of the product throughout the interior of the chamber. All this, is to guarantee the homogeneity of the temperature within the estabilished ranges.

  • The devices used to make the tests are 9 probes situated according UNE
  •  Probe in each shelf—control of the air temperature in the different levels of the equipment Probe immersed in liquid—control of the product temperature
  • Probe at the air outlet—control of the temperature of the air outlet, at
    different levels
  •  Probe in exchanging air—control of the air temperature in the entrance to
    the evaporator
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