Security and confidence

Infrico is one of the leading cooling product manufacturers in Spain. Our company offers high quality products certified by external agencies. It is a worlwide refrigeration benchmark and has developed specific procedures for the Medcare division, taking into account the sensitivity and importance of the products that are conserved in the equipment used in this sector.

Infrico Medcare guarantees security 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

Reliability and protection

The healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory sector demands very strict temperature stability requirements and reliability. For this reason,our equipment incorporates a system of optical and acoustic alarms, which warn the users when the temperature passes the marked parameters, as well as when a power failure occurs or when the door has been open for too long. Furthermore, there is the option to incorporate our antifreeze thermostat that provides double protection. Likewise, in the case of a power failure, a battery is automatically connected to the controller which continues to record the temperature and alarms.


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Ready to use

Infrico Medcare refrigeration equipment is delivered fully programmed with a range of temperatures and alarms, so the customer only has to plug them in and start using them.

Simple maintenance and cleaning

Our equipment has rounded corners for easy cleaning in the interior compartments. The doors are kept open at an opening angle of 105° which facilitates access to the equipment. However, to ensure thermal stability, they also have a self-closing mechanism when the door opening angle is less than 80°. All interior components are detachable and easy to clean. In the same way, all the components of refrigeration and electronic digital control, have been incorporated in a safe position and they are easily accessible.