The sector of pharmacies, hospitals and medical practices is especially demanding in terms of temperature stability. Infrico Medcare in its Pharma CARE and Pharma CARE PLUS product lines has incorporated a series of specific characteristics that guarantee the safety in the conservation of medicines and vaccines 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This is crucial for our customers.

All our refrigerators of the Pharma CARE PLUS and Pharma CARE PLUS lines are designed in compliance with DIN 58345.

This series offers high performance refrigerators for the storage of pharmaceutical preparations to meet the most demanding applications. In order to achieve that purpose, these models have incorporated INVERTER technology with high energy efficiency and low energy consumption and lower noise level.

These models are designed according to DIN 58435 standard. Capacity ranges from 170 to 1300 litres, and all models with Digital Plus. controller

Solid or glass doors are available in the whole range.

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