Today’s refrigeration and freezing equipment must guarantee their users, above all, safety and thermal stability. For this reason, the Lab CARE series offers multiple functions to conserve all kinds of sensitive products. Among them samples, different reagents, cells, blood or biological products...

Due to the possible great value of the stored products, the Infrico Medcare equipment provides much more extensive characteristics than the equipment of domestic use or hotel and restaurant sector.

Our range of specific refrigerators and freezers for different types of laboratories is designed to maintain a homogeneous temperature of +2°C to +8°C in refrigerators and -10°C to -86°C in low temperature cabinets.

The right choice of refrigeration and freezing equipment is very important for today’s laboratories, because the correct conservation affects the quality of the results.

Keeping in mind that safety is our main goal, our ultrafreezer range intend to satisfy the most demanding needs, assuring a long-lasting and reliable storage of sensitive samples.

This range of freezers is composed of different models with volumes ranging from 110 to 800 litres in temperature range of -40°C to -86°C, including models under countertop and vertical. We also have two models of chest ultra low temperature freezers of 500 and 700 litres respectively capacity.

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