Safe storage for high-value products such as blood or concentrated red blood cells is essential in medicine. 

We present our range of refrigeration equipment for blood banks, with the main objective being the reliability, safety and easy use. They are designed to maintain a homogeneous internal temperature of +2°C to +6°C. For that purpose, we have incorporated a series of improvements aimed at ensuring the preservation of blood bags and in compliance with DIN 58371.

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DIN 58371 sets the following requirements:

  • Operating temperature range from +2ºC to +6ºC
  • Interior room temperature at the installation site is accepted between +10ºC and +35ºC
  • The interior temperature is monitored (+4°C)
  • Interior is easy to clean and disinfect; water resistant and with corrosion protection
  • Drawers are able to withstand uniform loads of 100 kg/m²
  • Doors fitted with locks
  • Power failure alarm for a minimum of 12h
  • Acoustic / visual alarm signal in case of temperature deviations, if temperature values are higher than +6ºC or lower than +2ºC
  • Potential free contact for alarm transmission
  • Safety device to prevent the temperature of blood bags going below +2°C

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